SuperLite: More made in the USA than you think

SuperLite: More made in the USA than you think

SuperLite is on the move! We’ve started shipping our first batch. It’s not as easy as slapping a label on them and throwing them on a truck. There’s a lot of backend work that’s been going on here at the shop the past few weeks to get this project up and running. See what went into building up the SuperLite assembly line in the video below!



  • Jeff Taylor

    So rad to see the love and work that goes into this! Super excited to get my tent! Much love and respect to you all. I feel like like I’m stealing this at the cost I paid.

  • Dan Rodriguez

    Thanks for the constant updates!

  • David Cook

    Great job on the template . Thanks for sharing and creating Montana jobs.

  • Daniel Albert

    Awesome! Thank you for these updates and all of the forethought, design, adjustments to make this such a desirable “Made in the USA” RTT! looking forward to getting it and sending some pictures.

  • Jessica F

    Thanks for the update guys! Always cool to see how stuff is made. It’s like the Behind the Scenes in a movie but I get a cool tent at the end.

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