GFC Launches Podcast, "You're Really Out There"

GFC Launches Podcast, "You're Really Out There"

The idea to launch a podcast came during the Covid-19 mandated shelter in place. We knew GFC customers were wishing they were out there camping somewhere. We figured this would be an opportunity to bring the "out there" to you.

And the truth is, you don't have to go far to get 'really out there'. In this podcast, we'll interview all kinds of people, explore what it means to be 'out there', and give you an opportunity to be a part of the conversation live on the air. You can find us with a new episode releasing every other Friday. And if you want to jump in on the conversation, well we'd love to hear from you!

On-air we'll plan to interview a cast of characters from different backgrounds with various expertise. Our host Taylor will pose some questions, but you never really know where the conversation could go!

A little bit about our host Taylor, he's an 8th generation Texan living in Montana. Taylor knew exactly nothing about podcasting prior to creating YROT, but his lack of experience didn't stop him (and it never will). He owns 3 different vehicles (all of them manufactured in the year 1985), is the leader of a 5 piece honky-tonk band, and sports a mustache that some have described as 'too big'. The only thing that gets in the way of his love for spending time outdoors is the fact that 1 or more of his vehicles is in a state of disrepair at any given time. 

Want to join the conversation? Fill out this form to be a part of the podcast.