GFC Platform Camper

  How much does the camper weigh?

The standard size camper weighs 250-270 pounds depending on options, the xl weighs around 300. Basically a wash with a high quality standard fiberglass truck topper.

How tall is the camper/will it fit in my garage?

The camper is the thinnest pop top assembly on the market at a slim 6" thick. With about an inch and a half of clearance above the cab on most trucks*, 7.5" taller than the high point of your roof is a good estimate of overall height.

*note, for the Colorado/Canyon we use the Craven Speed Stubby jr. antennae to decrease overall height.

What are the panels made out of?

The panels are made from 5000 series aluminum, and offer an excellent balance of weight and strength. All materials are powdercoated for long term durability and corrosion resistance.

How easy is it to take the camper on and off?

While the camper is easy to remove, with 4 fasteners attaching it to the bed depending on truck model, the Platform camper is designed to be left on the truck and useful as a daily driver/work truck. When not being used as a camper, the Platform is able to be used as a standard truck topper, and with our cross bars or rack system, up to 500 pounds can be loaded on the roof when it is not being used as a camper. When using the lifting roof, 75-100 pounds can be left up top.

Can the accessories be retrofitted existing GFC Platforms? Or do they need to be purchased when I order?

All of the accessories can be added at a later date, apart from the windows in the topper section of the camper. The camper system is designed to be modular so that it can be upgraded at a later date.

Will GFC offer ventilation while underway (for my dog)?

Our camper stays quite a bit cooler than a standard truck camper, as the roof is both insulated with 3" of foam (mattress) and 3" of air. Additionally, the roof is white which does well to bounce heat. We do not currently offer vents, however.

Is the GFC Camper a universal fit product? Or is everything truck specific?

The GFC is tailored for every truck model, so there is no universal models or shim kits to adapt from one to another.

Can you lock the camper?

Each panel has two locking latches to lock up the topper area. Additionally, the pop up portion has two locks on the latches.

What are the color options for the camper?

The panel color choices are Black, White, Tornado Gray, Destroyer Blue, Rifle Green, and Go Fast Red. The tent fabric comes in Tangerine and Stone Grey.

GFC Roof Top Tent

What are the dimensions of the tent?

The standard tent exterior dimensions are 54"x96". When closed the tent will be 6" thick, the thinnest RTT on the market by a significant margin.

How much will the tent weigh?

The tent will weigh around 135lbs.

Will the tent carry a load?

The tent will lift with 75-100 pounds on the roof, so bikes/skis/boats etc can be easily attached with our mounting systems. Additionally, depending on vehicle application, the tent doesn't need additional support for mounting, so it will act as it's own rack.

Will there be a ladder?

No, but the tent will feature both side and rear doors.


How much is shipping?

Picking up from our factory in Bozeman is available, and we can do the install on site for a $175 fee.

Our white glove delivery and install rates vary depending on location and number of campers leaving our shop. West Coast rates range between $550-$1100 (meet up vs home/work delivery and camper count), While East Coast rates range between $850 and $1500 (meet up vs home/work delivery and camper count). Note, white glove prices are subject to change up until your camper is loaded and ready to go.

For freight shipping inquiries and pricing contact us via email at

Do you ship internationally?

Outside of the USA, we can facilitate in getting the package ready for shipment, but we cannot arrange for or pay for any shipping logistics or expenses. This includes all packaging costs and fees/duties. Please contact us before ordering for international purchases.

Company Policies

Do you have a warranty?

Every component in the GFC platform comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase on all material, craftsmanship, and parts. This warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear, or to damage or cosmetic blemishes sustained during use. GFC will repair or replace defective items at no cost to the customer, and the customer is responsible for delivering the product (i.e. tent or camper) to the repair facility. The owner of the GFC product must assume the cost and liability of freight, and all damage incurred from shipping is the responsibility of the product owner and shipping company.


Products that utilize a deposit to purchase (i.e. Roof Top Tents and Campers) have a non-refundable policy on the deposit.

If you choose to cancel your order after paying the final invoice, you will be liable to a $500 restocking fee and be held liable to transaction fees (i.e. cost of wire transaction/payment processing fees).

Do you do custom work?

We do not typically take on custom work, but are always willing to listen to what you are working on. Shoot us an email at if you'd like to discuss your project.


Consumer Use Tax Requirements

If you live in a state with sales tax, you may be liable for use tax on products purchased from Go Fast Campers.


If tax is not collected on your order, the state of Colorado requires that a Colorado purchaser file a sales and use tax return at the end of the year. This sales and use tax is to report all taxable purchases that were not taxed and to pay the taxes associated with those purchases. The purchase is not exempt from Colorado sales or use tax merely because it is made over the Internet.


You may owe Louisiana use tax on your purchase if tax was not collected on your order. Louisiana law requires that use tax be paid annually on the individual income tax return or through other means. The purchase is not exempt from Louisiana use tax merely because it is made over the Internet.

Puerto Rico

You may owe Puerto Rico use tax on your purchase if tax was not collected on your order. You can file an Import Declaration and Tax on Imports Monthly Return and report and pay any use tax due.